Wood Elf Monk


Mehra appears much as one might expect from a female wood elf. Of slight build and just under five feet tall, she is not exactly an impressive sight. Whatever skills she might have, brute strength is clearly not one of them. If you are lucky or sneaky enough to get close to her, you might notice that despite her lack of mass, every tiny muscle in her body has been toned and trained. You’d be hard pressed to find an ounce of extra fat anywhere on her body, and anyone searching for more womanly assets would have better luck elsewhere. Her bright hazel eyes gaze out from a gaunt and serious face with an intensity that some might find disturbing. She has taken to wearing her short black hair half-braided in tight rows, leaving the other half to fall where it will. Her face is marked by a distinctive tattoo — curious shapes and symbols on her forehead and cheek surrounding her left eye. Any questions about it are typically met with pursed lips and a withering stare. Her copper skin has taken on a brownish hue from years spent wandering the Sword Coast, and she has started developing a smattering of freckles across her nose and shoulders.

Her clothes are simple; her jewelry limited to several small wooden beads braided into her hair. She is never seen without her carved wooden quarterstaff, which serves as both a walking stick and a weapon.


A frigid gust of air swept through the branches of the towering larch, dissipating into the hot summer day as quickly as it had arrived. Like bright drops of blood, several crimson leaves floated down towards the ground, landing neatly in the lap of the meditating wood elf below. She took a deep breath, whispering to herself as her fingers traced the strange patterns and symbols that covered her wooden quarterstaff. Moments later, a torrent of warm rain poured from the sky. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, her clothes were soaked and the ground beneath her had turned to mud. If the frozen wind hadn’t broken her concentration, this sudden downpour certainly had. Opening her eyes and shielding them against the rain, she peered up into the dense foliage above, waiting just a little longer for a sign, but the great tree was silent and impassive as always. Answers would have to wait until tomorrow. Gathering the fallen leaves from her lap and adding them to her meager belongings, Mehra sprinted out of the rain and towards The Helm.

AGE: Mid-20’s
FAMILY AND ORIGINS: From a small wood elf village in the Misty Forest. The sole survivor of an orc attack when she was five years old. Both parents dead, no known siblings or other family.
MARITAL STATUS: Single, no children.
SOCIAL STATUS: Lives on the outskirts of society, is of low social status but doesn’t really pay attention to status in general.
UPBRINGING: Raised in a monastery by a community of monks serving as assassins for hire. Also trained as an assassin but has fled the monastery and sworn to never kill an innocent person.
WORLDVIEW: Law and society can be used to corrupt those who follow it. One should follow their own morals and never harm innocent people. The strong should help the weak.
HEROES AND INSPIRATIONAL FIGURES: A druid saved her life after the orc attack and took her to the monastery. She is trusting of druids and those who value nature.
SIGNIFICANT PERSONAL ITEMS: Her wooden quarterstaff, covered in carvings she did herself. A book of pressed leaves and flowers that serves as a record of her travels. An antler flute that was a gift from the druid who rescued her.
RELIGION AND PROPHECIES: Not religious, but spiritual. Meditates daily. Currently following a powerful vision that has led her to Red Larch.
ENEMIES: While they are not actively searching for her, the monks from her old monastery would kill her on sight if she tried to return.
PAST TRANSGRESSIONS: She was hired to kill an innocent man. His children were left orphaned.
QUIRKS / FACTOIDS: She is trained in bladed weapons but will never wield them. Even if a creature deserves to die, it deserves a quick, painless death. She is morally opposed to torturing enemies. She is illiterate.


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